Healing with Energy

 All human beings are gifted with the ability to heal themselves and others. However, a trained energy healing facilitator works with you to help balance your energy, and for many the process of healing is accelerated, leading to spiritual growth.

Dashell Anne is a practiced energy healer of more than 20 years. She works directly with the emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of an individual’s energy body to release blocked and distorted energy patterns. As an energy healer, she helps to facilitate, or enable, an individual to self-heal, restoring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. An energy healing is facilitated for the Highest Good of the individual on a soul level.

Dashell Anne primarily uses an energetic technique known as 13th Octave LaHoChi (TM), a powerful and ancient Chinese hands-on healing art given to Earth by the Creator of the Universe through Lao Tzu, an Ascended Master. “La,” or the Light and Love from the Universal Life Force, flows through the healer to the person “Ho,” restoring “Chi,” the Life Force Energy in each of us. Each session is guided by the LaHoChi Masters, who are Ascended Masters and Archangels. Sometimes an individual’s guides also come in to help. Guided by the Masters, Dashell Anne contacts your soul level to discover the emotional connection of what may be the cause of the core issue(s) causing pain or discomfort to the individual on an emotional, mental, physical or spiritual level. This discovery process is unique to each person and leads to the release of the core issue(s) for self-healing. She is guided through the healing modalities of toning, chakra energy balancing, past life release, memory release, breathing, and color. Through affirmations and allowing and accepting the healing energy that is being given to you on a soul level and a cellular level out, the individual releases the core issue(s) and heals themselves.

Often, the individual feels a difference right away, and the healing is permanent. There are times when the energies are so strong that the person knows right away that something is changing. Some feel the energy shift as they get off the table. For others, because the energy is so subtle, the energy shifts occur as they wake up the next morning and realize something is different, even though they may not be able to put their finger on exactly what it is. So the effect of the energy healing is unique to each person. However, if a person has not experienced all that the soul contracted for on a particular issue(s) in this lifetime, the healing may only be temporary. This too is a discovery for personal spiritual growth. For others who have finished experiencing an issue, but still feel pain or discomfort on any level, a facilitated energy healing would be helpful. For many, one healing is sufficient. Some individuals experience remnants or a return of the issue(s) because quite often we get used to our pain. We feel there is a void and want to hold onto the familiar. So it may take more than one session if you start drawing back in the feelings or memories, like wearing an old shoe. Emotional issues are often held onto very tightly. There is no void, or empty spot, because as you release and clear, the Light within expands. But if you get it in your head or in a deeper level that you have a void, you may draw all of that familiarity back in – so then another session may be needed to release. All sessions are spirit-guided.

Dashell Anne is also a Reiki Master. She started her conscious journey in 1984 because healing energy was running so strongly through her. She became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1989 and a 13th Octave LaHoChi(TM) practitioner in 2003.

Sessions are $75.

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