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2007 New Year’s Message

 New Year’s Message
from your Star Brothers and Sisters of the Unified Forces of Outer Galaxies

at the Unlimited Horizons’ Metaphysical Festival

Navarre, Florida
February 17, 2007


I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune, Former Commander of the Unified Forces of Outer Galaxies.  I have asked Uron to allow me to speak with you this day to bring you the messages of the Universe and what you might find during the coming year on your Planet Earth.  2007 will prove to be a very interesting year on a lot of levels:  energy, physical and emotional changes, and the growth pattern like you have never seen before.  You sit there wondering how can this be with so much destruction going on.  As the energy sits at this very moment, you can expect to see changes in that energy in the next four to six months.  For your leaders are beginning to understand that the destruction that is happening cannot continue if the race of humanity is to continue its existence.  Are we talking doomsday?  No, we are not.  We are talking though of the devastation on all levels that can happen if this continues, and as I stated, luckily your leaders are beginning to understand this.  I say “as this energy changes right now” and that is because, as you know, there is free will.  But we do not anticipate any changes.

On a personal level, each one of you can expect your energies to heighten, to speed up, maybe cause a little more confusion then you are used to, but this too will settle down.  How many of you have noticed that 24 hours just isn’t 24 hours anymore?  And that is because time as a whole is speeding up, but we would like to give you a trick to help expand time and it does work.  If you put your hands together and create an energy friction (rub insides of both hands together) and let’s say that you want to be somewhere by 2 o’clock but you’re running late.  Put that request out to expand the energy that you will be on time.  And it happens.  It will amaze you.  If you have never done it before, you will be amazed.  So that can help eliminate some of the confusion that you feel with “Oh my gosh, I’m late.”  How many of you understand that time is a man-made instrument?  We don’t have it in the universe.  It just is.  We go from place to place, doing what we are supposed to be doing.  We’re never late.  We’re never early.  We just are.  So one of the goals that we have written on our to-do list is to make it more widely known about the expansion of time and the expansion of space.  And conversely you can contract time.  It is amazing what we can do.  You need to believe.

There is a show on your, I believe it is called TV, television, called Heroes.  Anybody aware of that?  The people on that show — yes it’s fiction, is it?  No, it’s not fiction.  The writers think it is, but those things can truly happen.  You as human beings and other species throughout the universe have the abilities to do all that you see.  You need only not to doubt and to believe.  There will be more and more of you awakening to those possibilities in the coming year and years and as you get closer to what is known as the ascension process.  The expansion of your vibration, the enlightenment of individuals and the planet to take your place among the peaceful nations and planets of the universe.

Unified Forces of Outer Galaxies, who are we?  For those of you who have not heard this, we are delegates from planets throughout the universe, each and every planet.  We have several ships and we travel throughout the universe to planets who are on the enlightenment, if you will, path helping them realize how, why, when.  Every one, every person, every planet grows at a different rate.  The person sitting on either side of you is at a different rate than you are.  Even though you may think alike, do things the same, no two people are at the exact same rate.  Now, why do I say that?  Because as you grow and as the energies expand in the coming year, the people around you will start to expand their knowledge and their sharing and their placement.  So, we say this because we try to encourage you, “Do not compare yourself to anyone else.”  Each one grows at their own rate.  Are there any questions on that?  Okay, good.  We will stop periodically and ask for questions to make sure you are comprehending what we are saying.  And we say that not because we think you cannot, but because throughout the galaxies there are different means of communication and sometimes communicating our thoughts into human words is not always easy.  We use telepathy and symbols throughout the universe.  This is just a small example (symbols on board) and to give you, I believe you call it plug, the book of symbols is out there for you to view.

Your planet, the planet itself, and I know you have heard this but we will repeat it, is crying out to you to take care of her.  It has gotten better.  We want to acknowledge that and say thank you.  Although your natural resources are being depleted, the consciousness of the inhabitants of your planet is being raised, and this year we expect there to be a marked improvement in the manner in which your resources are used:  alternative means of transportation, of food, and means of purifying your water.  We expect to see great improvement in this Earth year of 2007.  Numerologically, it is the year nine, completion, and what we see in that is the completion of, shall we say, resistance of the human race to realize what needs to be done to fulfill the ascension process and continue your enlightenment.  Nice year, huh?  Is this a dream?  No.  It is a reality.  We see this year, the latter part of this year as definite improvement, if you will, in the planet as a whole.  Now, we will stop here for the moment in our little talk, and ask if there are any questions.

Question:  You said something about a placement?

            The individual placement.  Each person has a purpose, everyone agree?  As you get closer to the year 2013 – we know 2012 but remember the change in time – each person will get closer to realizing what their placement, what their purpose will be in the ascension process and after.  That is why we say, “Do not compare yourself to anyone else.”  Each person’s placement and purpose is unique.  We have talked about element groups in the past.  Each person is a member of an element group with a specific purpose, but within that group, each person has a specific purpose.  So even if you are in the same group as the person sitting next to you, you may not have totally the same purpose.  This is what we mean by placement.

Question:  If this year is nine, of completion, what was last year?

            Last year was the year of transition, one of the years of transition, of becoming, of starting the realization that things need to change.  And that happens over a period of time; it is not just one year that that happens.

Question:  What do you mean by ascension?

            That is a term that we use.  As a planet becomes enlightened and its inhabitants become enlightened and raises the vibration to such a level that it becomes a peaceful planet and it takes its place among the other planets in the universe.  That is what we call ascension.

Question:  Do you think that will ever happen to us?

            Yes, it will. 

Question:  Do people always know where they need to be living?  There are a lot of people moving.

            For the most part, yes.  People move whether they know it or not according to their own intuitiveness.  A place becomes uncomfortable for them whether it is the weather, the work, doesn’t matter.  The place becomes uncomfortable for them so they seek out a place that would be more comfortable and more harmonious for them to reside.

Question:  Why is time speeding up?

            It has to do with the increase in energy and as you get closer to the ascension, and I do wish that we had another name for it.  As the vibration gets higher, the rate of vibration compresses time.  There is still 24 hours on your clock; it is just compressed. 

Question:  Is that why you feel like you are not accomplishing everything?


Question:  What do you think of the activity going on with the sun, with the global warming, and is it true that we are moving into the Sirian Star System?

            Global warming, interesting concept.  Does pollution play a part?  Absolutely.  But what they leave out in that equation is the heightening of the vibration of the planet and of the people on the planet because that affects the planet.  So, everything is affecting, it’s a domino effect, a ripple effect if you will that when something happens here, it ripples out into the universe.  Is there global warming?  Yes, there is.  Could it destroy your planet?  Yes.  Will it?  No, we don’t anticipate it.  We anticipate the change as we stated before, the enlightenment, the awareness being raised to such a point.  Now, depending upon how that is handled, which is still in negotiation if you will, be to what extent and how this will affect you.  Will it be laws that are passed by your government?  We suggest you beware of that.  For too eager too quickly is just as bad as not at all.  Do you understand that?

Audience:  No.

            Let me see if we can clarify for you.  If your government chooses to pass such stringent laws that the people cannot react positively to them, that is as bad as not having them at all. 

Question:  Do you foresee that happening?

            We cannot tell at this point.  They are talking about it, okay.  We do have delegates, representatives, among you.  Yes, we walk among you to help such events from happening, and that is all we can do.  We cannot make it happen.  That is not our purpose.  Our purpose is to educate and to guide.  Now, we do have representatives who would say, “Hum, you might want to think about that.  That may not work as you wish.”  Whether your leaders choose to listen is another story.  We do our best.  That is our job to do our best in getting the inhabitants of a planet, any planet to realize and to awaken to what they are doing to destroy their planet and help them reverse it or in the very least stop it at that point.  We have been successful throughout the universe and might we say we anticipate success in this case also.  But that is an aspect that is yet to be seen. 


Did everyone hear the question?  How does the change in poles, and North not being North, affect everything?  Right at the moment, because the change in direction is what we would call minimal, even though it is changing, the overall effect is minimal.  It is not having a measurable affect as yet, but it is speeding up and it will but in a time frame such that as we anticipate it to be after the year 2013.  So, we must say that after that date all is anew.

Question:  What is the significance in the year 2013?

            I have to backtrack.  In the year 2012, the Mayan calendar stops, it ends, and that is, or was, the indication of the Earth’s enlightenment and transfer — I like that better than ascension.  But because of the change in the time which was not anticipated by the Mayans, and they had a little help from the friends, if you know what I mean, it has gone to 2013 because of the compression in time. 

Question:  What happens if we don’t finish our enlightenment in 2013?

            There is always 2014.  It is not as though you are going to stop existing at the year 2013 if you do not do it.  That is not what it is all about.  You always have the next year.  The idea is to continue the growth process.  And might we say that one way to do that is to help others recognize the existence of us.  You are not alone in the universe, and it is important for others to begin to understand that we are here on a peaceful mission.  Now, were there those who were not?  Once upon a time, but not now.  The Unified Forces of Outer Galaxies does not allow it.  Can one slip through?  I suppose, but we will probably know it before they do.  But it is important for those of you, or people like you who believe, who know, that we exist, to help others understand.  We walk among you.  As I look around in this room, and whether you choose to believe it or not that is your prerogative, there isn’t a person in this room who did not start their existence on another planet.  How many did not know that beforehand?  Well, guess what?  You learned something new.  As I look around, I recognize those who have been throughout the galaxies for eons.  Do you truly believe the Source of All That Is created your being, your essence, for this one lifetime in this one place not to help others?  You were not alone.  You are not alone.  You will not be alone, ever.  I do not care how many planets you live on, how many lifetimes you live.  It is infinite, as are the dimensions.  You talk about the third, the fifth, the seventh, the thirteenth and but it is infinite, so infinite that the human mind cannot understand it, cannot comprehend it.  This too will start to change with the expansion of your being and your enlightenment and your knowledge, you will begin to understand the vastness of the universe.  Will you totally ever understand it?  Maybe not.  But that’s okay; you don’t have to.

Question:  Why are the galaxies speeding up?

            The compression of energy.  It is a dichotomy.  The expansion of the universe.

Question:  Will that speed up time too?

            Yes.  Just as it has.

Question:  I thought that time stood still.

            As far out as you get, time stands still.  In reality, it moves so fast you do not know it.    It is another thing that the human mind, because it likes to think on a linear level, has a hard time comprehending, but it goes so fast you cannot see it move.  But because you are moving at the same rate when you are there it is like being here.

It is so important, and I know some of this has been said in the past, that each and every one of you, and those out there so spread the word, understand that you have a part to play.  You have a purpose.  And part of that purpose is helping others understand they have a purpose.  Those who stand before you this day and talk about their various subjects who have physical evidence of our existence of the unidentified flying objects, we laugh.  It is important that everyone know of our existence.  Now, there are some of us who walk among you in physical form.  They change their appearance to look as you do.  Then there are others like myself who use your earthly instruments to relay our message, more on what you might call the spiritual level as opposed to the physical.  But there is no difference in what our purpose is.  It is to help you understand.  It is to help you grow.  And to be here for your questions.  You can ask your questions directly.  We love to talk, pretty much to anybody who will listen and ask the questions.

Question:  How can I get my memory of my past experiences?

            There is a way to open up.  But what we would like to suggest is to find out why it was blocked.  Sometimes it is blocked for your own safety to be revealed when it is appropriate.  Why?  Because sometimes it is very emotional, and if you are not in a space to handle that emotion, it becomes detrimental.  Does that mean you can never do it?  No.  You can, but we would suggest do it carefully if that is the case.  And you can ask why it was blocked.  And perhaps that may reveal when it might be unblocked so to speak.

Question:  What is dark matter?

            I have never heard it referred in that, with those words, perhaps they are talking about the absence of light, but I have never heard…

Question:  …the space between the stars.

            The space between the stars, dark matter.  I have never heard it like that,  but that does not mean it is not so.  The space between the stars, as we refer to it, it is just that, it is a travel space.  And if you look among the stars and look in that space, quite often you will see our ships, lights sitting there.  But I have never heard it referred to as dark matter.  That is something…

Question:  the energy that moves the stars in the galaxy.

            The stars do not really move.  The planets do.  But I will check into that and see if I cannot learn more about it.  Thank you.

Question:  How long have you been coming to planet Earth?

            Myself, many eons.  But it has just been recent that we have had willing instruments to use in this manner.  On a physical level though, we have been coming since the beginning of time, since the beginning of your planet.  And have helped in many constructions as you might know.  We have been here since the beginning of time, before the human race.  And when the human race came, we helped then.  And we helped with structures.  Who can tell me what they think we might have helped with?

Audience: Pyramids, Stonehenge

Questions:  How did you help?  What did you do?

            Oh, many things.  We fed specifics.  We were also there physically to help.  We helped on every level.  We supplied some manpower.  We supplied the drawings, what you would call the architectural specifications.  And at the beginning we supplied the idea.

Question:  How was man created?

            That is a secret for the Source Of All That Is – has not let us in on that.

Question:  They talk about it in the Sumerian text.

            Yeah they do.  There is a lot of speculation.  The true how was it done – there is only one energy that knows that and it is not being told.

Question:  How do the other kingdoms on our planet understand the process of what Earth is going through?

            The elemental kingdom understands it very well.  They’ve been through it before.  They do not have the “logic mind” to say, “No, this is not going to happen.”  Same with the animal kingdom.  The only kingdom that puts up the big fuss is who?  The human being.  Now we are not saying that is all bad.  We’re just saying a little bit more open-mindedness might be nice and helpful.

Question:  How can we make contact with physical beings?

            Physical being from the forces?  Ask.  Will it happen automatically?  Probably not. 

Question:  Can we talk with them?

            You can, at their choosing, and that is a protection for both involved.

Question:  Why do you not make contact with everyone?

            Energy.  People around you do not understand.  Some of the vibrations of those of us walking on your planet is very high, and to come in direct contact when there is no real preparation can be energetically detrimental.  It has taken many years for this instrument, we might say, to raise her vibration to the level in which I myself can come through and speak to you without detriment to her being.  She was quite surprised this morning in her meditation when I addressed her thinking that she was totally losing her mind. 

            So what we would like to leave you with this day is a sense of hope, if you will, that all is not lost.  There is no doomsday on the horizon that we see, that you only need to ask for help and then we ask you to be active in spreading all of that knowledge, being aware of what your government is doing and not just your government for this resounds throughout your world.  And last but not least take care of yourselves.

Question:  Doreen Virtue has many, many books

and one of them is to pray for the leaders of the world

            The question is “Is saying a prayer for your leaders basically helping,” and the answer definitely is yes.  So if you have not been doing it, start and do not stop. 

Question:  Do you ever raise a person’s vibration in any way?

            Yes, we do.  We work with individuals as they go through their growing process.  There are those among us who work very carefully with raising a person’s vibration.   We do have to admit and we have apologized before to someone in this room for raising her vibration and changing her DNA too quickly that her physical body could not handle it.  So we backed off and took a second look at our processes in that and have adjusted so that does not continue to happen.  But yes, we do.

            And with that I will leave you and want to thank you for allowing me this time to share my words and I leave you with peace and joy.